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back to services. Platinum Review. The Platinum Review package includes the services of the Premium Review, but in an extended feature article about the book and author. While all of our reviews provide solid and professional coverage, this is our most in-depth feature in content and length. Your review certainly indicates a thorough read and evaluation. Much appreciated! Professional, thorough, objective and most helpful in reviewing and promoting my book. Out of 5 services used, Pacific Book was the most complete and responsive organization. I highly recommend for all authors before considering other sources. Sep 10,  · A review from Black can be a significant boon: According to the Associated Press, her review of New Adult indie author Jamie Stengle’s book Slammed helped spur .

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Amazon changed their reviewer profile page layout recently, and they have removed access to all publicly displayed reviewer email addresses. This means we can no longer legitimately obtain reviewer contact information. Due to this, we will be halting our service.

I can't, in good conscience, continue to provide reviewer contact information if it isn't explicitly publicly available - anything other than this would be an invasion of privacy. If Amazon decides to change this in the future, we will consider re-opening, but until then, book review services, BookRazor will not be accepting any orders. Thank you sincerely for your support over the past 4 years, and may we meet again. Kind regards, Dane, BookRazor. Reviews influence ranking and sales.

Your family and friends shouldn't be the only people supporting your book! Sometimes, book review services, the best source of feedback is from those who actually read book review services book makes sense, book review services, right? Are you feeling discouraged?

Reading the positive reviews on your book can fire up your writing energy levels. This was my first time using BookRazor and I'll definitely be a returning customer.

I've tried similar services, but none have offered the responsiveness, openness, and outright results like BookRazor. What I liked most was the targeting of Amazon readers and reviewers who are highly likely to read AND review your book. With BookRazor, you as the author have the freedom to find similar books - as who knows your book better than you? This saves you a LOT of time book review services effort, as you don't have to do all the meticulous searching, combing through thousands of potential reviewers for those best fitted for your book.

The BookRazor staff are also very prompt and transparent, and even provide helpful links to email templates for maximizing your response rates. Other services are not nearly as transparent or accountable - or effective, book review services. Definitely worth the money if you're an author looking to get your book off the ground, up in the ranks, and reviewed in a timely manner.

Highly recommended. Was a great one. I didn't know what to expect. Once I worked my way through it - understanding wise - the benefits of this service just ballooned in value and importance. The premise is realistic. That's more than many other services that deal with reader-reviews can claim - or promise. The remaining 20 asked for the book, received it, and most of them contacted me afterward to say they received the book and would be reading it; some even gave me their time-frame as to when I might expect their review.

In the past, I've asked personal contacts for referrals and also subscribed to a PR service that included free review book review services service. I was however quite disappointed with what I considered to be a very small response. BookRazor can save a ton of time and research hassle. For a modest fee, you get specifically focused information that would otherwise take many hours of your time to book review services. I highly recommend BookRazor. It is ideal for specialized niche markets such as mine.

The report identified individuals who have reviewed books such as mine. This increases the likelihood that they will be interested in reviewing similar books on the book review services topic. It also increases the likelihood of receiving honest and authoritative reviews. If you are into process and prefer keeping busy to achieving desired results, by all means do your own research to identify potentially helpful reviewers.

If however you want the best results as soon as possible, BookRazor can help you get there. My day one results were amazing. One of the people reply within minutes of my sending the invitation. Another one posted a 5-star review within 2 hours of my sending the invitation, book review services.

What a great start to a new initiative. BR How did you manage to get reviews before? Was it a difficult process? Sandi Friends, family and YES it was very difficult. BR What would you tell someone who is hesitant about buying? Sandi The readers I reached out to were so thrilled to have the opportunity. I was surprised. BR Would you recommend our services? If so, book review services, who would you recommend this to and why?

Sandi Absolutely. Anyone publishing a book. BR If you could talk to someone thinking about purchasing our service, what would you tell them? Sandi You get more than what you pay for, book review services. It requires some work to get the most benefit you will have to send some emails but everything is laid out for you and made very simple. Getting reviews was tough. You had to go through trial and errors to find someone on Amazon to review. Very long process.

Lots of outdated e-mails. Using this service really helps you to focus on active reviewers that have an interest in the types of book you have written. I would recommend this to self-published authors seeking to build up their stable of reviews for marketing and promotion. You just have to be patient because it takes time for solicited reviewers to read your book.

I've been asking any friends for the chance to get eyes on to review the book and that process doesn't scale in producing results, book review services. Plus, asking your friends to help out is a naturally limited pool, so extending my potential audience is greatly valuable. I'd definitely recommend BookRazor to other authors if they want to test the pulse of your potential audience. As an author, the biggest block for me was to book review services that initial reviews.

Writing a book seemed better. I've already published book review services books but getting a review and asking friends and other known contacts seemed really after some time.

You can ask once but not book review services on asking. I came to know about BookRazor through Steve Scott. You want results, book review services, try this. Does it land your crazy reviews in your plate. Not at all! I was skeptical on the folks who will actually review but they do! I'll give you book review services. I tried for public speaking seems to be a small niche.

But, from emails, I got around 20 to 25 responses and, at the time of writing this, 7 have already left a review. If you are reading this, I want to help you with this tip Contact reviewers 2 weeks before launch date. Then, publish print version 1 week before the launch date and keep your kindle version in pre-order for 1 week. Use that 1 week to collect all the reviews. Then, have your promotions lined up You are sure to hit the best sellers list Hit a couple of snags as a first-time user of BookRazor's service.

Sent a note to Dane and he responded immediately. I will be using BookRazor again for my next book. Before BookRazor, getting reviews meant countless hours scouring Amazon user profiles; gifting away expensive paperbacks; and throwing money at marketing schemes, all in the hopes of finding valid and interested reviewers.

And, often with dismal results. BookRazor just makes financial sense. Take book review services reviewer package, for example. The time you would spend building a list of potential reviewers could be spent writing your next book. In fact, you'd probably get half of it done in the time it takes to build the kind of list BookRazor can deliver within a week. I highly recommend BookRazor for writers and book promoters who need qualified Amazon reviews but don't have the time to build a rock-solid list.

The best part is that the emails you buy are yours forever, so you can build meaningful, book review services, long-term relationships with readers who are interested in your work. I would tell anyone thinking about using BookRazor to try and build a list of Amazon reviewers yourself, book review services. Fifteen minutes in and I guarantee you'll be purchasing a book review services from BookRazor, book review services. In the high-stress world of book marketing, BookRazor is a service every author should utilize.

The readers I've met through BookRazor have shown genuine enthusiasm for my book, and have been happy to help spread the word to other like-minded bibliophiles, book review services. With BookRazor, I can get back to writing again—which is exactly what my readers want.


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A reliable online book review service provider. Getting book review services is now common in this era of the internet. It only takes a short time to get any book reviewed by a professional service provider. Your review certainly indicates a thorough read and evaluation. Much appreciated! Professional, thorough, objective and most helpful in reviewing and promoting my book. Out of 5 services used, Pacific Book was the most complete and responsive organization. I highly recommend for all authors before considering other sources. As an unpublished or self-published author, it can be a relentless struggle to attract a significant amount of attention to your book or manuscript. By purchasing a Kirkus indie review, authors can have the opportunity to build some name recognition and get noticed by agents, publishers and other.